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A Soul Contract reading

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A Soul Contract reading connects you to your purpose, power of choice and what you're here for.

The Soul Contract is drawn up from your original birth name which is transposed into numeric values based upon the ancient Hebrew gematria (a gematria is an Assyro-Babylonian-Greek system of code and numerology). Since the late 1950’s new interpretations of the early system were channelled, first by Frank Alper, then more latterly by Nicolas David Ngan and his student, Blue Marsden to bring it in line with a 21st century orientation.  

These values are mapped out around the Star of David and illustrate the karma, talents and goals playing out in your life.  As most only seek help during times of difficulty, it could be said that having a Soul Contract reading is rather like looking back at your original blueprint to see what the journey of your lifetime is actually about - its theme.  Its a foundational system that holds the potential for you to review the path to your future, make a few changes and correct your course.

 A Soul Contract can also be used for looking at relationship issues, whether personal or business, such as investigating the relationship of a business/project name in relation to the energy of its owner.  Use the link below for a broader Soul Contract description :-


There are two types of reading -

The mini reading is 20-25 minutes, where your chart and brief description of the points will be emailed to you following the session.  This is priced at £40.

The second is a full reading of 75 minutes which goes into detail.  The session will be held via Skype or Zoom; it will be recorded and sent to you after the session.  The price is £95 plus p+p

In order to draw up this chart, I require your full birth name, as written on your birth certificate - nothing more.  You can email this to me separately at time of booking.