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Do you want to break from struggle (or the past) and gain clarity upon a difficult personal situation?  Or maybe you've had certain patterns playing out in your life that you've been unable to gain clarity on, or your general direction.  When you gain clarity, the energy you've been applying to your internal struggle is freed up and you feel empowered to move forward in your chosen direction with confidence.  

I refer to your Human Design chart and your Soul Plan to look up the givens in your life and your potential for growth to assist me in your session.  From your Human Design chart, we can determine your correct decision-making strategy and where your authority for decision-making comes from within you.  Human Design is a composite system utilising the Chakra system, the Kabbalah, astrology and the I-Ching.  HD is great for gaining insight into knowing ones self better and some of the difficulties in relating to others.

If you're unsure or have questions about what to expect, get in touch to discuss without obligation.  My aim is to help you in bite-sized pieces that enable you to better understand the puzzle that is you, returning only when you're ready.  We work together to put you back in touch with your own truth.

Recording the session for yourself can be helpful.  Price is per 50 minutes.