Corrective massage

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As we move through life experiencing mental and physical traumas our reactions create emotions that we suppress and store in the body.  It takes continuous energy to hold tension in the body; the longer this continues the less the body is able to self-correct, energy decreases and pain persists. 

My 27 years of experience as a bodyworker provide  

  • Expert Remedial & Deep Lymphatic massage
  • Energy - rebalancing and releasing old energy patterns
  • Healing - physical and spiritual 

As well as a high level of skill in treating structural and lymphatic issues, I act as a conduit that enables your body to release old emotions held in the tissues, freeing up energy, and relieving pain.

Each treatment is bespoke, guided entirely by the responses of your body in that moment.  Some aspects are anatomically specific whilst others are energy-based giving a very rounded treatment.

1-hour Remedial sessions are available for injuries  

2-hour sessions available for more complex issues  

Pricing:   1 hour - £48   90 mins £75   2 hrs £90