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Do you have difficulty finding foods that satisfy you?  Is it hard to achieve the stamina that brings you balance?  Are you hungry for more than food?

Every time we swallow something, we cause a subtle shift in our biochemistry.  Imagine having a baseline that is your genetic norm. When you were very small, your instinct was pure and it was easy to hear its voice as it guided you towards what would be good for you and help you avoid what would not. But somewhere along the way, you were distracted away from that baseline by the abundant array of foods and non-foods that prevail today.

 As well as what we consume, our biochemistry is affected by our environment and emotions, even as far back as being in the womb (if our mother was stressed, the foetus would have regularly been bathed in Cortisol).   Emotional blows drain core vitality dramatically in some people but thankfully we aren’t all built the same way.  Suffice to say the cumulative effect of everything we are exposed to, both physically and emotionally, will ultimately become evident in the way the body is able to function and how much energy we have access to.  

 But just as the biochemistry changes, so too does the ability of the body to re-create balance; this can depend on whether we have the resources (energy/nutrients) ‘in the bank’. Essentially, we need an effective fire to create energy (good digestion and assimilation) and if that process is not efficient, the resulting build-up from incomplete processes clog up the body.

 Given the right circumstances the body is largely a self-righting mechanism, but sometimes we lose the way and need help to reset. Together we look at the wider picture of your lifestyle and identify practical changes that help you to improve your long term health, looking at how your design affects your metabolism.

Price is per 50 minutes.