Intuitive Coaching

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Without some insight into how you truly function, life can seem reactive and unsatisfying, making it difficult to achieve the momentum that takes you along the trajectory of your potential.

The various aspects of my work are aimed at people who already sense their potential and may have been trying for a long time to do what they can to reach it, but all too often find that something either holds them back or gets in the way. These are intelligent, independent people who are capable of doing many things for many people, and yet when it comes to heading down the road to their own potential, they falter or have trouble completing, so they begin to wonder if they are failures. These are sensitive people who often don’t fit in and can feel lonely or isolated, tending to withdraw rather than connect with others.

Whilst the breadth of my work falls under headings like Bodywork, Intuitive Coaching, Lifestyle and Nutritional advice - there’s so much more.

  • When I hear your story through your words
  • when I touch the story in your body
  • when I reach out to your inner quest for help - magic happens.          The dialogue that’s been transmitting from within you like a beacon has at last been heard - someone has come to help, we can make something happen!

Whichever starting point (modality) we use, this process helps you to build a clearer picture of yourself, your core belief systems and highlights any resistance that prevents you from moving forward. We tease out the subconscious resistance that keeps you at arms length from your inner truth. Together, we release the emotional/somatic causes of pain from your body and bring context and understanding to your general health. This process gives you the keys to a more connected life and shows how each aspect of your life is intertwined with the others.  There is no mystery to this process, only that many parts reside in your subconscious, and that my job is to draw out what your body and soul already know and are waiting to work with.

People are drawn to my work when they realise that just treating symptoms or dealing with single aspects of their being does not produce long term results. When they experience a renewed mind-body-spirit connection, a rush of understanding, energy and enthusiasm ensues with progress following soon after.  A good foundation is a stable platform for forward motion.

Price is per 50 minutes.