Medical Intuitive

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Intuition is a knowing that bypasses left-brain analysis. Medical intuition is the ability to spontaneously see or feel inside the body of those who request the help. It can be experienced as seeing a picture in the mind’s eye that is similar to looking at a three dimensional x-ray, but instead of seeing disease, I 'feel' the energy disturbance on a higher frequency within my own body (barometer). When I tune into a client, I feel what is happening to them at that time and how their energy is behaving. This 'feeling'/picture is then evaluated in order to work with the manifestations of health related issues. 

The feeling expands into snapshot imagery, expanding on different levels, and I may sense scenes/issues from earlier/ the childhood of the client. Energy blockages begin to form at an early age and eventually build into physical problems. These initial situations or experiences may seem unrelated to present day problems but they are the root cause.

Some people keep a keen eye on their health and flag up problems early on; in such cases, a medical intuitive can pick up emotional disturbances that, if left unchecked, can go on to disturb the energy flow and over time create disease.  Other cases can arise where there has been some medical issue - perhaps conventional treatment has been sought but the outcome was not as hoped for and the inquirer starts to look within for other answers that the medics could not give.  As humans, it is normal to seek an understanding of what is affecting us, especially if it involves a major life adjustment.  Finding the truth that underpins a situation is like shining a light into a dark corner - suddenly there is no more need for worry or fear and a solution can be considered.

One of my earliest memories as a child involved the shock of experiencing someone else's pain.  I have had many more instances of inadvertently feeling what others experience since then, but through my own exploration and curiosity I have learned the language of their meaning.  Having a good anatomical knowledge and the barometer-like sensitivity of my own body mean that when invited I can 'tune in' to someone and scan their body for the energetic source of issues that are manifesting.  These manifestations may be physical or emotional, but the sensations I receive from their aura are clear.  Other people with this ability may call themselves Medical Mediums, or Medical Psychics.

The wonderful thing about this gift is that distance is no object.  The client/inquirer can, and often is, in another country but this does not affect the receptivity of the connection between the two of us, as long as it's made by choice.  After that we can consider what can be done. 

It's important to note that I don't make a habit of dipping into anyones aura unbidden.  Perhaps as a protective mechanism, I find that I can only 'feel' into someone once invited - rather like an energetic form of GDPR! - it's a natural safeguard and promotes respect for others.