Here are a few links that you may find helpful in your quest to help yourself: - official home of Human Design. Let the journey begin. - Inspirational woman who believes in addressing issues at root level - my preferred biorhythm plotter (if you get lost, its under the Timeout tab) - Adrian Incledon-Weber deals deftly with geopathic stress and other detrimental energies that can undermine health - my local group where we can learn all things related to dowsing and more.  Look for a group near you for this most useful modality. - website of Claudia Gehlhaart who has a great skill at clearing unwanted belief systems from the body and timeline. - a rich source of practical nutritional information for everyone. - not quite the real thing but close. - a wealth of tools and wisdom at your fingertips.  I can recommend the 21-day experience series - just 20 minutes a day.