About me ..

I think of myself as a normal human who has ridden the roller coaster of life long enough to learn some pretty cool tools that can help me and  you navigate this life a bit more easily ... and to enjoy it a whole lot more!  

My early working life gave me a variety of business skills but Its people and how they tick that always fascinated me, so looking back, it was no surprise when I decided to retrain in the serious art of Swedish Massage.  In my first year of practice, I experienced the pain of each client 3 days before their visit so I 'just' knew what to treat; that only happens rarely now - if its something I've not come across before.  

But that was just the beginning.  My experiences taught me how we store tension and repressed emotions in the body, how energy gets stuck and causes pain, and how energy simply stops flowing. So I studied Deep Lymphatic Therapy under the late Grace Halliday and a couple of other body modalities that help to get things moving again and clear 'mysterious' problems.  

Then it was time to explore the biochemistry, understanding more about creating nutritional and energetic balance, so I studied Metabolic Typing and became an advisor.  I believe lifestyle changes are installed more effectively when there's a more gradual transition than a sudden change, for change can only come through experience and understanding.

Having been going round the practitioner track for 27 years now, I have come to understand that we have everything we need inside to be healthy, but sometimes we need a little help to get it in the right order.  So that's my purpose here - helping your body and mind to reset and reconnect with your personal truth - the truth that lets you know you've come home.


Apart from people, my other interests are partner dancing, writing, painting, photography and walking. So do get in touch - I am looking forward to hearing from you  ~  Angela Delglyn

Dip, Remedial massage, Cert. Advanced Deep Lymphatic Therapy, Basic Manual Lymph drainage, Aromatherapy, Counselling, Reiki, Cert. Metabolic Typing Advisor 1&2, Certs in Advanced Soul Plan reading.