want to be pain free and have more energy

Do you want less pain and struggle and more ease?

In the beginning ...

We are the sum of all of our parts

From the outset, I was drawn to work with all aspects of a person, not just one.  Science has since proven our thoughts manifest physically in the body, the emotions having the most impact.

"I didn't think using Skype would work for coaching, but I immediately felt relief that I hadn't gained in one year of talking therapy and CBT.   My emotional reactions are less, I am dealing with things better and have strategies that stop me falling back.  Thank you Angela - you are a life changer!"              

Annette-Marie, London

"Having previously found Angela's massage to be highly intuitive, I attended a coaching session. I was stuck and wanted to try something else to move past my blocks. Things came up in the session that enabled me to take a new approach and I now feel positive about my direction and future in general."    

Dawn, Bristol

 "If you have body issues caused by physical or emotional trauma this is the lady to see.  Asking your body to let go of things it's held onto for so long isn't easy, but if you're willing to work with Angela the change you'll see will be worth it.  My shoulder feels amazing, I am more upright and my legs and feet feel brand new."

Nadine, Dudley

"I have to say all the information is spot on, both my past and present!  More so than any astrology, enneagram or numerology - ever! Human Design pulled different things out things that I didn't know about myself, but this..?  Totally, amazingly spot on!"   (Soul Plan)

Gitte, Italy

I'm here to help You

Thank you for visiting my site.  Have a browse and see what grabs you then call on 07900 168996 or use the Contact form to get in touch.  From my heart to yours ~ Angela