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Channelled Coaching 

To gain clarity in times of confusion - 50-60 minutes


Soul Plan Reading - short 

30 minutes covering the basics with printout emailed out to you


Soul Plan Reading - full 

1 hour reading with professional printed pack posted out to you


A Novel Approach to Healing by Angela cng Delglyn

This book leads you through a reflective journey of self discovery, both mentally and physically, challenging modern health concepts and how we may choose to address them. The book falls into three parts - a reflective bio followed by suggested protocols, recipes and ideas, then an A-Z of information that she has found useful in upholding good health. Whilst the tale within the first part of the book pertains to the authors journey, the book delivers a series of signposts in the hope that whoever reads it will be inspired to look for signs within their own life and draw the appropriate conclusions, so that they too can be empowered to carve out a healthier life for themselves.

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Lavendar & Black Pepper Organic Massage Balm

I have formulated this balm with both the serious practitioner and the beauty therapist in mind. Whilst some oils sit on top of the skin and leave the client dreading getting oil on their clothes, this blend feeds and nourishes the skin as it is absorbed, whilst providing the right traction for the therapist.  Too much oil has you skidding off the client whilst the right amount provides the right condition for an effective treatment.   

The basis of this balm is organic coconut oil with the addition of avocado oil and key essential oils, and performs best at clinic/room temperature.  The balm liquifies on the skin yet has the beauty of being easier and less messy to handle than conventional, liquid oils.  This balm keeps well for 12 months, although you may aid the longevity of the essential oils by keeping the closed jar in a cool place when not in use.  

This balm also makes an excellent body moisturiser for anyone who prefers their products to be 100% natural.

Presently available in 100ml wide neck jars with the 250ml size arriving soon.

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Your auragraph (A4 image) and typed reading will be posted out to you, so P&P is included.  

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