… logical, analytical and intuitive ..

From the moment we start to learn, we are encouraged to think outside of and away from ourselves, believing that it is selfish to consider ourselves first, so we are diverted away from listening to the small voice within.  As we move through life, mental and physical traumas bring negative emotions which we unconsciously repress; these are stored in the body (there are receptors dotted around the body for every emotion).  It takes continuous tension and lots of energy to suppress emotions. 

My skills from 25 years experience as a bodyworker bring

  • Expert Remedial & Deep Lymphatic massage 
  • Energy - rebalancing, healing and releasing old energy patterns
As well as a high level of skill in attending to structural and lymphatic problems, I act as a conduit that enables your body to release old emotions held within, freeing up energy, relieving pain and getting you back in the flow.

Deep seated tensions constrict the natural actions of the body; the longer this situation persists, the more physical problems manifest and the body becomes less able to self correct; energy decreases and pain persists as the body calls for your attention.

This bespoke treatment is considerate and guided entirely by the responses of your body.  Certain aspects are anatomically specific, whilst others are energy based, giving a very rounded treatment. 

Remedial sessions are available for the treatment of injuries etc. and are for 1 hour.   For Deep Lymphatic therapy sessions, allow 2 hours for your first session, then 90 mins for follow-ups.   If you have to travel a long way and want to make your trip worth while, I can work on you for 2 hours if you need.  

Contact me here to discuss your needs and request further information. 

Here's what one happy client recently wrote:

 "I had the most wonderful massage from Angela yesterday. If you have body issues caused by physical or emotional trauma this is the lady to see. This is not for the faint-hearted, this isn't about the scented candles and whether the oil smells nice (even though it does!) Asking your body to let go off things it's held onto for so long isn't easy, and can be emotionally and physically challenging but if you're willing to walk the path with her the change you'll get will be worth it. Thank you Angela, my shoulder feels amazing today, I feel more upright and taller than I've felt in I can't remember how long, and my legs and feet feel brand new. Will see you again soon."