Body and Foot Works for people who dance professionally and socially

 "Dance makes you feel alive and vibrant.  Dance is socially inclusive and is known to maintain both the physical and mental health of all who participate" ~ BUPA  

People come to dancing from all walks of life and at varying times of their lives so it is not unusual for them to develop what they perceive to be dance-related problems, or simply other injuries that interfere with their dance.  For example, ladies are prone to having dance-related foot problems because of the adaptation issues around wearing high heels - most notably bunions.  Men most frequently suffer from shoulder or knee problems.  However, I have seen many who have suffered from the heels of other dancers after being stood upon!  

The good news is that most problems can be cured completely, or at least significantly improved by good structural massage and stretching.  The massage is based entirely upon the soft tissue structure and usage and is therefore entirely logical - as will be explained during a treatment.  Should you decide to embark upon treatment, you will also be advised of homework in order to arrive at resolution as quickly as possible and be able to keep up with your dancing and social circles.   

Having danced socially for many years, I am aware of how essential it is for people to be free to enjoy their lives to the full, without the limits of injury and pain that should be neither serious nor long standing.  It is my personal experience that most injuries can indeed be remedied by careful treatment, determination and commitment, and a certain amount of logic.     

If you've been considering surgery for a painful problem, do consider getting a (free) opinion on the efficacy of massage as healing from surgery takes much longer and cannot guarantee pain free dancing afterwards.  Check out the testimonials from some dancers who have benefited from this type of work.  

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